DSK Address  5520 NW Hwy 99 Corvallis Oregon

     AA  Academy Eligible Players for next 2 weeks

               Lindsey G.           Jobie F. 
               Allie T.                Laura G.        
              Mckenna N.          Katie J.
              Haley W.             Madyson H.
             Sydney B.             Gianna L.
             Missy E.               Makenzie F. 
            Josie D.                Jacquelyn C.    
             Daija S.                  Lindsey S.
             Laurel N.               Adrianna K.
            Emma J.                Jennifer R.

**** All players in yellow on 2 week probation*******

​       **Sign Ups for Sand Will Start May 1st! If     you have a partner or not**

    AA Sand Academy Pre-Season- Player List (Thursdays 430 PM)

        Grayson Hennelly 
        Mc Kenna Northern
        Lindsay Grossman
        Lindsey Stewart
        Courtney Isom
        Chloee Kisler
        Jo Bowers
        Deja Smith 

    A Sand Academy Preseason- Player List (Sundays 130 PM)

        Sydney Northern
        Destiny Kramer
        Kassie Staton
        Micah Penner
        Alli Jackson
        Madison Rogers
        Josie Nealon
        Aspen Schudel

        Sand Socks ( or other sites for Vincere Socks), leggings if cold, sweaters, sock cap.

      Reminder to All Elite Academy Members,  If you have not been to academy in a 3 week period in a row i will be emailing you and releasing you from academy to allow players on the wait list to join..  thanks Dave.

                                    May  2016

Sunday, May 1st-             **Sand Sign-ups Now 541-760-0197 - Jeff**

Monday, May 2nd-            B2 730-9pm Jeff/Sam

Tuesday, May 3rd-            B2 5-630 pm Dave/Rachael B
                                         B1 7-9pm Dave/Kory

Wednesday, May 4th-       A 5-7pm Dave
                                        AA 7-9pm Jeff
                                        14-2 & 16-2 5-7pm- Last Practice

Thursday, May 5th-         **AA Sand 430 pm Jeff/Mark**
                                        B2 5-7pm Dave
                                        B1 7-9pm Dave 

Friday, May 6th-             A 5-7pm Dave
                                       AA 7-9pm Dave

Saturday, May 7th-        **Willamette Classic**
                                      No Academy

Sunday, May 8th-           **Willamette Classic**
                                      No Academy

Monday, May 9th-          B2 730-9pm Jeff

Tuesday, May 10th-       B2 5-630 pm Dave/Rachael B
                                      B1 7-9pm Dave

Wednesday, May 11th-  A 5-7pm Jeff
                                     AA 7-9pm Jeff

Thursday, May 12th-     **AA Sand 430pm Dave/Mark- Last Practice**
                                      B1 7-9pm Dave

Friday, May 13th-         A 5-7pm Dave
                                      AA 7-9pm Dave

Saturday, May 14th-    B2 1-230 pm Jeff/Sierra
                                      B1 3-5pm Jeff/Sierra
                                      A 5-7pm Jeff/Sam
                                      AA 7-9pm Jeff

Sunday, May 15th-        B2 12-130pm Dave/Sam
                                    **A Sand130-3pm-Regionals- Last Practice**
                                      B1 3-5pm Dave/Sam
                                      A 5-7pm Dave
                                      AA 7-9pm Dave
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